Hope Farms - Fort Collins, Colorado
Welcome to Hope Farms!

Hope Farms is currently under Special Review with Larimer County requesting approval as a Farm Community Hall.  
More info to come soon!

The farm facilities will not be available for events until the county decides if they will approve the location under new county regulations for operation as a community venue. 

Hope Farm would like to host educational activities for both youth and adults including husbandry and horticulture classes, equestrian workshops, volunteer opportunities, social events, arts and craft activities, and wellness programs.  We will provide opportunities to interact with small farm type animals in an informal petting zoo. We will also provide a setting for members of the greater community (especially close neighbors) to participate in intimate social gatherings.

We would love support in the process to get Hope Farms approved as a venue for these activities.

If you feel the the community, Fort Collins, and Larimer County would benefit from such a gathering place, please email us and voice your opinion. We will gather emails and present them to Larimer County with our review.

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