Hope Farms - Fort Collins, Colorado

In April 2012, Michelle Macdonald purchased approximately 6 acres on Shields Street in North Fort Collins. She named the property Hope Farms. The name HOPE is an acronym for “Holistic Opportunities for Personal Enrichment”.  She envisioned a space providing a connection with horticulture, husbandry, and the social interaction revolving around farm culture. 
She and her family, with the assistance of an independent farmer, worked on improving the land and establishing the garden to create a small niche farm for the community. In January 2014 through the winter of 2017, Michelle leased the gardens to a non-profit called the “The Growing Project” for their volunteer farming and gardening projects. Food grown on the farm was donated to Fort Collins community, the Larimer County Food Bank, La Familia Family Center and FOCO café.  In addition, some food was sold to local restaurants to earn money for their programs. 
Prior to changes in Larimer County event regulations, many events were hosted at Hope Farms including farm to fork dinners, food truck rallies, farm classes and workshops and other farm-centric community events.  These events were all held outdoors and well received and attended by the community and surrounding neighbors. 
Michelle’s vision for Hope Farms is a beautiful setting for the enriching individuals and the community through farm-centric activities including husbandry and horticulture classes and workshops, volunteer opportunities, social events, arts and craft events, and wellness programs.  She is currently working with Larimer County to get the proper approvals to provide these activities for the community.
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