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The Growing Project 
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The Growing Project (TGP) was formed to address the issue of food insecurity in Fort Collins, Colorado, through programming focused on hands-on education, food production, and food distribution.  Given its focus on working with low-income families and at-risk youth, TGP was inspired to install community gardens, create experiential youth and adult programming, and produce and donate thousands of pounds of healthy food annually.  In 2009, TGP became a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit promoting the mission of a strong, diverse, and just local food system to all residents of Northern Colorado through direct agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy.

Over the years, TGP has developed unique solutions to the injustices in our food system and has brought people of all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels together in the garden and around the table.  As we grow year after year, we are excited to be working with Hope Farms to increase the amount of programming we can offer and produce we can grow and donate.

For more information about our current programs, volunteer opportunities, workshops and events.  Please visit us at www.thegrowingproject.org
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